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Digital Fire Safety

What is Digital Fire Safety?

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The fire safety drawings you provide to your customers must be clear, accurate, and compliant.


As standard, we use file naming conventions in accordance with BS EN ISO 19650 for all the digital files we create for your project. All the digital files we create for your project handover are available in an editable format, ensuring compliance with BS 8644-1.


Where your project drawings have been created using hand sketches or PDF mark-up software, we can work with these markups to create your editable CAD files to comply with this standard

Fire Alarm Graphics Systems

We can support you with the creation of ‘maps’ for all leading fire alarm graphics systems on the market today.


These files, usually supplied as JPEG, BMP, or WMF formats, are created to the exact resolution and specification you need to load them onto your system and complete your commissioning.

QDOS Support with Advanced TouchControl

Advanced is a UK Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company that sets the standard in Fire Systems. Advanced launched their TouchControl, which is a new touchscreen fire system repeater and remote control terminal which features Active Maps and zone plans.

From this, we have created a clear, easy-to-understand model ready to be configured for your system. Once completed you simply load onto your installed TouchControl screen - each TouchControl project is thoroughly tested before deployed onto the SD card - saving you valuable time on commissioning.

  • An illustrative 3D image showing the number of floors present on the protected building.

  • 2D plans of each floor with fire alarm zone 'hotspots' configured.

  • All zones are individually tested on TouchControl to ensure the correct map is shown.

  • Deployed to SD card ready for onsite commissioning.

We Can Give You:

Prices start from £85 + VAT. To find out more contact us here.

Watch the Process

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