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Setting the Standard; QDOS now supports Advanced TouchControl

How QDOS, the UK’s Leading Trade Supplier of Bespoke Fire Safety Drawings, can support The No-Compromise Fire Touch Screen from Advanced.

What is the Advanced TouchControl?

Made in the UK, Advanced are an electrical and electronic manufacturing company dedicated to creating fire equipment that protects lives and property in more than 80 countries across the globe. One of their most recent products is the Advanced TouchControl; The Touch Screen Solution for your Zone Plans!

The 10-inch screen which displays live zone status’ in high definition and fully functioning via Remote Control Terminal (RCT) offering full fire panel and network control and reporting straight to the device. The Touch Screen technology is exactly where and how you need it, and sets the standard for the fire industry.

So how did QDOS Drawings become involved with TouchControl?

As the UK’s leading trade supplier of bespoke fire safety drawings, QDOS are no stranger to professional and compliant drawings; our team are kept updated with the latest technology and industry standards, and with the Advanced TouchControl we saw huge potential for a brilliant collaboration that would benefit the fire industry. Just like with a regular zone plan, we require your mark-ups of your project and from this we create a clear, easy to understand maps configured for your system.

Each TouchControl project is then thoroughly tested before being deployed onto the SD card for you to load onto the installed TouchControl terminal – saving you valuable time on commissioning.

TouchControl Support From QDOS Gives You:

  • An illustrative 3D image showing the number of floors present on the protected building

  • 2D plans of each floor with fire alarm zone ‘hotspots’ configured

  • All zones are individually tested on TouchControl to ensure the correct map is displayed

  • Deployed to SD card ready for onsite commissioning

Prices start from £85 + VAT, so what's keeping you from incorporating this industry leading technology in your next Advanced fire alarm system installation?

Get in touch today on 03333 441516 or email us at hello@qdos.biz

For more details of the Advanced TouchControl system see https://touchcontrol.advancedco.com or speak to your chosen distributor.

Watch some behind the scenes of how we can support you!

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