• Damian Linley

New Year's Resolution: Use QDOS for Your Fire Safety Drawings!

"New Year, New Me” – same old phrase every year! Let's make this one count.

Whether you’re giving up chocolate for the year, exercising every day, or learning a new skill, sticking to a New Year's Resolution is a lot to handle alone. It takes discipline, dedication, and someone to keep you in check.

While we can’t necessarily support your weight loss journey, QDOS can support you in keeping your fire safety plans professional and compliant in every project.

Whether it’s a small premise in need of a simple fire alarm zone plan, large premises needed a detailed escape plan, or a high-rise building in need of premises information plates and drawings, we provide it all!

Our CAD team goes beyond drawing your scribbles and sketches; if something seems off we communicate back and forth with you to ensure your drawings adhere to the latest British Standards, fit for display near the Fire Alarm Panel.

We're also happy to answer any queries you have regarding building plans, British Standards, or anything else you may need assistance with.

Visit our website to view our range of services or get in touch today to find out how we can support you.


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