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Schools on Route to reopen for the 8th of March

Following the Government's four-step roadmap, some schools are set to reopen on the 8th of March in England and Northern Ireland.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 health and safety in schools are the top priority for staff and students; teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure student safety, both within the building and learning from home. Hardworking parents have faced their fair share of challenges juggling work and homeschooling, as well as children who are missing out on their crucial early learning years both academically and socially. Some reports have shown parents and children did not have access to laptops, stationery, internet and more for their education, so with the Government's aim for all children and students return safely to face-to-face education in schools and colleges from 8 March (1 September all children and students are to be back), many parents will jump at the chance to get their child's education back on track. You can read about the Covid-19 Roadmap here.

Just over 20 million people have had the first dose of the vaccine and the R rate reducing and the return of normality on the horizon the last thing anyone would want to ruin this is outdated fire safety plans.

Health and Safety are more of a Priority Than Ever Before.

While everyone's main concern will be ensuring hygiene regulations are kept up with, fire safety cannot be forgotten.

In the school building, the responsible person (be it the owner or occupier of the premises) should ensure that As Fitted Drawings are produced to show modifications made, including all new devices and new cabling. Zone Plans need to have clear and concise details of the building and be correctly orientated. Even if the zone boundaries are unaffected, the building plan must represent the whole school building's actual layout. Following this, each classroom should be checked for Fire Escape Plans and assessed if the escape route is still accurate.

If any changes have been made to the building have been made, it is crucial all Escape Plans (and Zone Plans) are updated as soon as possible and all safety signage is still correct too. Besides, with social distancing rules in place and unusual shift patterns, ALL students, staff, and visitors of the premises should be aware of the escape routes of the building.

QDOS Can Help with all 3 of These Measures

As a BAFE Accredited company and the UK’s leading trade supplier of bespoke fire safety plans, we know how to get the job done. All of our drawings are professional and compliant, adhering to the latest British Standards. You can view our previous work with Dixons Academies Trust where we provided fire escape plans for each of its sites.

Let us help you keep your students and staff safe.

Contact us today:

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