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The Government's £30 million Waking Watch Relief Fund Application Guidance Published

The criteria for the UK Government’s £30m Waking Watch Relief Fund sets out which buildings are eligible for funding, the evidence needed to apply and how applications will be assessed, as well as the way in which funding is provided.

What is The Waking Watch Relief Fund?

The waking watch relief fund is a £30 million fun to pay for the costs of installing a fire alarm system in buildings with unsafe cladding. Following the Grenfell Tower fire, many buildings containing unsafe cladding can no longer support a ‘Stay Put’ fire strategy, and as a result the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) issued a guidance to support a change to a simultaneous evacuation strategy by putting in place a Waking Watch or a common fire alarm. Under the Fire Safety Order, the Responsible Person (the owner, employer or occupier of premises) is responsible for the safety of the occupants of a building from fire, as well as assess the risk and identify suitable mitigating measures where they are needed.

In addition to the £1.6 billion public funding for the remediation of unsafe cladding, the waking fund criteria is designed to help applicants make an application. Depending on where your building is located and when the fund is available in your area, the fund will be available to cover the reasonable costs for the installation of a common alarm system upon receipt of a completed application (which will involve a six-week period for which applications can be made).

What does the Fund Cover?

The fund will cover the reasonable upfront capital costs of installing an alarm system. The common fire alarm system should be designed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5839-1 for a Category L5 system. The aim is to start providing funding for the installation of alarms as quickly as possible; encouraging the Responsible Person (or those nominated to apply on their behalf) not to delay the process. Any fire detection and fire alarm system should be designed, installed and commissioned by an appropriately qualified, third-party accredited competent person/s.

To meet the expectations on pace applications from private sector buildings in all areas (except those located in Greater London), and applications in respect of all social sector buildings should be received by close on 14 March 2021. Applications received after 14 March 2021 for this group of buildings will not be considered for funding. The application forms can be found on the gov.uk website; one each for the private and social sectors. General enquiries about the Waking Watch Relief Fund should be sent to the following email address WWRFenquiries@communities.gov.uk .

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