Who are QDOS?

Quality Drawings Office Services

QDOS was created in 2009 by people with key experience from the fire alarm and fire safety industry.  Our experience and dedication to providing our clients with the accurate and professional drawings they expect set us apart from mainstream CAD outsourcing companies.

Many fire alarm companies don't have the luxury of a CAD department, or their CAD team was so busy that an increasing number of systems were installed without recorded drawings or plans. This is where QDOS comes in.

Early Years

Starting off in a small shared office, QDOS was created by Managing Director Damian Linley working as the sole trader. In 2014, Operations Manager Gavin Linley joined to help the company begin substantial growth.

As British Standards continued to be amended and the demand for compliant and professional drawings became higher, QDOS continued to adapt and deliver. Soon the number of clients we had and our reputation in the industry grew, as well as our staff.

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Whether you're a sole trader, a small business, or a large national company, QDOS applies the same attention to detail and industry experience in every one of your drawings. This has always been our approach, and soon enough QDOS became a BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) accredited company, with an NSI Silver for "Product Certification" in 2017.


QDOS is recognised as the UK's leading supplier of bespoke fire safety plans, demonstrating vast knowledge in British Standards and the design and production of compliant fire safety plans. As you can see, Damian and Gavin were pleased!

The Future of QDOS

As for the future, we have plans to expand our office in Shaw (Oldham), adding a second floor with a roof garden and terrace, giving our staff an enhanced working environment.

We'll continue to have one mission:

To be the provider of choice for fire alarm drawings and design within the industry, delivering excellent service to our clients in everything that we do.

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