Damian Linley, who sits at our helm, brings over 25 years of experience in the Fire Industry to QDOS. From his origins as a CAD operator, Damian ascended through Fire Design and Branch Operations Manager roles in a leading Fire Company before founding QDOS in 2009. Proudly overseeing the company’s growth from a garage office to our expansive 2500 sq. ft premises in Rochdale, Damian is dedicated to innovation. He leverages his extensive knowledge of British Standards for Fire Alarm Systems to uphold QDOS’s status as the UK’s premier trade supplier of bespoke fire safety plans.

When away from the office, Damian is a keen gardener and Lego builder. Most importantly, along with his brother he is an avid supporter of Leeds United!




Meet Gavin Linley, our Managing Director at QDOS. Gavin embarked on his journey with us in 2014, bringing a wealth of experience from a 15-year career specialising in complex personal injury cases, including fraud, at Walker Morris. As the former Operations Director, Gavin played a pivotal role in driving our exponential growth, expanding QDOS into a renowned industry leader. Today, as Managing Director, he leads the charge in overseeing day-to-day operations and serves as the dedicated account manager for our esteemed clients. You’ll find Gavin at the forefront of industry exhibitions nationwide, representing QDOS with passion and expertise.

Outside of work, Gavin spends his time with his family, or down at Elland Road.



General Manager

Mark is our General Manager with three years of experience at the forefront of fire safety drawings at QDOS. Having previously collaborated with our Founder and CEO, Damian at Initial Fire, Mark appreciates the value of a fantastic team where everyone works harmoniously, putting in their best for the company’s success. With 25 years as a fully qualified fire system designer, Mark brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Outside the office, he cherishes moments with friends and family and indulges his passion for recording music in his home studio. Mark is also a skilled poker player, a proud supporter of Leeds Rhinos and Leeds United, and proficient in playing several musical instruments.




Initially, Joe started an IT apprentice through Oldham College. Now, our golden boy sits as Operations Manager. Throughout his journey, he has become a cornerstone of our team, contributing not only his skills but also fostering a culture of camaraderie and collaboration. What Joe cherishes most about working at QDOS are the genuine friendships, team building activities, and the collaborative spirit that permeates our workspace. These elements, he believes, are fundamental to a thriving and supportive work environment.

Joe is an avid gamer and Marvel enthusiast. His main hobby, however, is mountain biking!

By the way, have you seen his video on our end to end process at QDOS?

Click Here!



CAD Team Manager

A highly motivated individual with a keen eye for detail, Craig manages the CAD team. Joining QDOS as our first apprentice back in 2014, Craig is one of our longest serving employees and is often described as our Mr Dependable.

Craig ensures the CAD team produce an efficient and quality service to our valued customers and has the technical expertise to oversee our larger projects. Craig supports his beloved Manchester United but we don’t hold that against him.




With a tenure of five years at QDOS, Ben began his journey as a Trainee CAD Operator in May 2018 before being promoted to a fully qualified CAD Operator and incredibly valued member of the team. Ben’s commitment extends beyond the CAD designs he crafts; it’s the people at QDOS that he likes the most. His genuine connection with colleagues contributes to the positive and collaborative work environment we all enjoy.

Beyond the office walls, Ben is a man of diverse interests. A dedicated language enthusiast, he immerses himself in the world of linguistics, constantly expanding his linguistic repertoire. And when he’s not mastering new languages, you might catch him enjoying watching cooking shows. He’s an avid reader and tech enthusiast, finding joy from computers. His broader interests showcase a well-rounded individual with a passion for continuous learning. Ben supports Manchester United with his twin, creating a shared passion for the highs and lows of football.




Meet our CAD Team Leader, Lewis who joined us back in 2017. The satisfaction of receiving positive feedback from customers has been a rewarding aspect of his career, coupled with the laid-back office environment that adds to the overall enjoyment of his work.

Beyond the CAD designs and customer interactions, Lewis loves to spend time with his partner and his beautiful 9-month-old daughter. But Lewis is not just about work and family, he’s a football enthusiast who enjoys watching and playing the game. Lewis proudly supports Oldham Athletic.



SENIOR CAD operator

Jacob has not only been an integral part of our team but has also shown remarkable dedication and growth, progressing from a Trainee CAD Operator to his current role as a Senior CAD Operator. His journey here has been brilliant to watch.

Outside of work, Jacob is a true basketball enthusiast. He not only enjoys playing but also shares his knowledge and passion by taking on the role of a coach. Jacob is also an avid football fan, and his heart belongs to none other than Manchester United which gets him almost as enthusiastic as CAD drawing. Away from the world of sports, Jacob also enjoys playing video games in his free time.


CAD operator

Meet another one of our qualified CAD Operators, Josh. Josh started as a Trainee CAD Operator like most of our team and worked his way up. The positive office environment has been a key aspect of his experience, fostering collaboration and success.

Beyond his CAD responsibilities, Josh’s passion lies in the world of football, both as a spectator and a player. Whether he’s cheering on his team (Oldham Athletic) or showcasing his skills on the pitch, his love for the sport is evident. In his leisure time, he also enjoys gaming as a form of relaxation.



Luke’s journey began as a Trainee CAD Operator, and since then, he has played a crucial role in our collective success. What Luke values the most is the camaraderie among the diverse and talented individuals at QDOS, turning the workplace into more than just a professional space.

Luke dedicates his free time to the gym and is committed to personal well-being and fitness. This

When it comes to sports, Luke proudly supports Manchester United, infusing his weekends with the thrill of football fandom.



Kieran is the latest addition to our CAD team and joins us as a Trainee. He has big aspirations to work his way up the career ladder and gain more qualifications in CAD, IT and Computer Science.

Outside of work, Kieran spends his days in Manchester with his friends or playing computer games.

karolina ZOŃ

CAD operator

Karolina joined us as a Trainee CAD Operator but we are thrilled to say she has officially qualified as a CAD operator.

She has been a key part of the business, assisting the team in developing fire safety drawings and providing a helping hand wherever needed.

Karolina spends her free time reading and playing video games.

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