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Dixons Science Classroom

Dixons Classroom

Dixons Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust consisting of 12 schools across the Bradford and Leeds district. QDOS has been working with the Trust since 2015, providing fire evacuation plans for each of its sites. 

Marshall Sharp, Senior Campus Manager was delighted with the plans produced stating that;

“The plans are really clear, easy to read and understand.  Each academy within the Trust is different, they each have their own emergency evacuation procedures which QDOS successfully translated into effective plans”.

Fire safety is of course a top priority for the Trust, but the plans have other uses too. Marshall says;

“Plans are located in classrooms, offices, canteens, and areas where students may congregate and not only detail the emergency evacuation routes, but locations of first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, defibrillators, etc. and are also a good reference point for our new intake of students each year in getting to know their new surroundings.”

Five years on since the first plans were developed and installed, QDOS continues to provide the Trust with updated plans to reflect any changes to layouts within their school buildings, which also supports the Trust in ensuring it is fully compliant with Fire Management legislation.