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Fire Alarm Zone Plans

What is a
Fire Alarm Zone Plan?

A Fire Alarm Zone Plan is a diagrammatic representation of the building showing at least the building entrances, the main circulation areas, and the division into zones. These should be sited next to each CIE (Control & Indicating Equipment), which is any fire alarm control panel or fire alarm repeater panel location.

Every fire alarm system should display the zone as the primary indication of an alarm, usually in the form of an LED illuminated on the fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm zone plan is displayed next to the control panel, to guide the user or attending fire and rescue service directly to the zone of the fire alarm activation.

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Why Are They Needed?

The fire alarm zone plans are essential to translate the illuminated zone LED on the fire alarm control panel into an identifiable area of the building, to facilitate the quickest and safest response to an alarm condition.

In accordance with BS 5839-1:2017, when a competent person or company carries out the maintenance on any fire alarm system it is required that a missing zone plan should be recorded as a major non-compliance.

Our Range

Fir Alarm Zone Plan 5 Zones

Standard Zone Plans


A standard fire alarm zone plan, showing the plan of the building and the division into fire alarm zones.


Correctly orientated with an appropriate 'YOU ARE HERE' marker to aid quick location of both the user and the area of the fire alarm condition.

High Rise Zone Plan

High Rise Zone Plans


On many high-rise buildings, multiple floors can have an almost identical layout. To enable the floors to be displayed as large as possible to show all the circulation areas clearly, this method is often used.


This shows the similar floor layouts as one ‘typical’ plan with the levels and their corresponding fire alarm zones shown on the elevation view of the property.


Emergency Voice Communication


One of the new recommendations in BS 5839-9:2021 for Emergency Voice Communication Systems is the provision of a correctly orientated diagrammatic representation of the building showing the master station and outstations.


Where the EVCS master station and fire alarm control panel are together, this can be combined with the fire alarm zone plan.

Fire Alarm Site Zone Plan

Site Zone Plans


On larger industrial or retail sites, a site plan is a more beneficial way to show all the zones associated with the fire alarm system.


Where the individual buildings have their own smaller fire alarm system, each will have its own fire alarm zone plan too.

Smoke Vent Zone Plan

Smoke Ventilation Zone Plan


Like a fire alarm system, the smoke vent control system also operates using zones to automatically open vents.


We can create your zone plans for these systems, making them easy to understand which area the smoke vents are operating once the system is activated.


EVCS Zone Plans


We're delighted our input into this new revised standard has been included. When we combine any further detail onto a zone plan we always use ISO 7010 symbols to ensure it remains clear and easy to understand.

Contact us for more information on completing your EVCS plans or combined EVCS-Fire Alarm Zone Plans today!

A Zone Plan for Every Building

*Along with your finished Zone Plan order, you can add on any quantity of fire safety signs from our HILUX range to your finished Zone Plan order with no extra delivery fee! Find out more here.

Watch the Process

QDOS has been providing zone plans for over a decade, so we know what a professional and compliant plan looks like!

Watch our video below to see our process.

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