Introducing Free Zone Plans for Every Fire Alarm Repeater Panel! 

QDOS are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched a brand new initiative whereby we create additional zone plans for repeater panels free of charge! Get your design for free and only pay for printing either in-house or externally.  

zone plan finish

Remember, a fire alarm zone plan should be present next to all control and indicating equipment. 

To be compliant with BS 5839-1:2017 a fire alarm zone plan should be displayed next to all CIE (control and indicating equipment) positions. This includes all repeater panel positions where fire alarm zone plans should also be provided and orientated correctly, including the essential ‘You Are Here’ marker.  

If a zone plan is not displayed next to a control panel then this should be noted as a major non-compliance during a routine maintenance visit

Zone plans at every panel are to ensure that complicated information is easily digestible by those reading it – especially important in an emergency. This ensures quick and straightforward responses are made keeping everyone safe. 

Every fire alarm system should display the zone as the primary indication of an alarm, usually in the form of an LED illuminated on the fire alarm control panel.  

The Fire Alarm Zone Plan is displayed next to the control panel, to guide the user, or attending fire and rescue service, directly to the zone of the fire alarm activation. 

How can QDOS help ensure you are compliant? 

At QDOS, we’re always looking for ways to help you deliver compliance on all your fire alarm installations and maintenance contracts. We’re delighted to announce that when QDOS creates your fire alarm zone plans, we’ll create any additional copies for the repeater panel positions free of charge.  

If you need printed versions too, choose from our full range of finishes and you’ll only pay for the print on all additional zone plans we create for repeater panel positions. 

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