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Premises Information

What is Included in Premises Information?

From the information needed for Premises Information Boxes to the externally displayed Premises Information Plates on high-rise buildings, QDOS provides them all.

Within the premises information box (PIB), the emergency response pack should contain up-to-date floor plans showing facilities, such as control equipment for smoke control systems, service shut-off controls, etc.


We can provide these plans, including symbols and notations, in accordance with guidance from local fire and rescue authorities and Fire Industry Association.

Fire Alarm Zone Plans

What is a Premises Information Plate?

A Premises Information Plate (PIP) is a digitally anoprinted aluminium plate measuring at 600mm x 600mm that should be sited externally on high-rise buildings for the assistance of the attending Fire & Rescue service. These plates display relevant information on the layout of the building, its services, and firefighting facilities.

To aid rapid understanding of the building layout, the plan is orientated correctly and marked with a ‘You Are Here’ point and road names adjacent to the building. Key firefighting facilities are displayed using clear, simple icons.


Required hose lengths are displayed indicating, for example, the requirements to reach the furthest point of a flat from the dry riser or to reach the dry riser from the Hydrant. These are displayed as 1L (1 hose length), 2L, etc.

Yorkshire House.png

Can they be used Electronically?


All Premises Information Plates completed are also delivered electronically in PDF format, enabling them to be stored by the building owner, manager, or local Fire & Rescue service.


Other image formats can be provided for integration with any evacuation system or to make them available to incident commanders and control room managers.

Why Are They Recommended?

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 will make it a legal requirement from 23rd January 2023 for responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings in England to draw up and share electronically up-to-date floor plans identifying the location of key fire-fighting equipment with their local fire and rescue services.

In Scotland, the government publication Practical fire safety guidance for existing high rise domestic buildings calls for PIPs to be installed on all existing high rise domestic buildings.

To read the Scottish Government Practical fire safety guidance for existing high-rise domestic buildings here.

What is Digital Anoprinting?

Digital Anoprinting is a unique process that creates digital images inside the hard-anodised surface of the aluminium. There is no surface print, the surface is pure and smooth anodised aluminium. This makes where signs may be subject to wear or abuse.


It is particularly useful in apartment blocks and student accommodation, being very easy to clean, requiring no maintenance, and because the graphics are locked inside the hard-anodised surface they cannot be defaced or altered, and surface vandalism can be cleaned off. 

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