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When it comes to safety signage, you want products that are not only effective but also long-lasting. That’s where HILUX® safety signs from QDOS come in. In this article, we’ll answer the question of ‘How do I order HILUX® safety signs’, ensuring you have the right information to make informed decisions for your customer’s safety needs. 

Discover the advantages of choosing HILUX® signs, from their brightness and next-day delivery to the additional options available, such as fire alarm zone plans with a HILUX® photoluminescent finish.

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Ordering HILUX® Safety Signs from QDOS is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Understanding the Unique Product Code System

Each safety sign in the QDOS catalogue has a unique product code. This code holds valuable information about the sign’s design and size options. 

For example, the unique design code for HILUX signs is 31079. Letters within the code represent available size options, with letters in squares indicating landscape orientations and letters in circles representing portrait orientations. If a sign doesn’t have a standard size, the available size(s) will be mentioned next to the unique design code.

Step 2: Selecting the Right Size

To choose the appropriate size for your sign, refer to the size grid provided. The sizes are presented as width x height (WxH). Considering the recommended viewing distances for safety signs is crucial when selecting the size. Consult the viewing distance guide available on page 5 of our brochure to ensure optimal visibility and effectiveness.

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Once you have identified the HILUX® signs you need, you can easily order them through the QDOS website. Here’s a breakdown of the shopping and ordering process:

Browse our options: With nearly 150 sign designs and over 300 variations in size and arrow direction, HILUX® offers a comprehensive range of options to suit every need. Whether you require emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher signs, evacuation route signs, or any other fire and safety signage, HILUX® has you covered.

Add to basket: Use the online functions to add the desired signs to your basket. We even have a saved basket function. This allows you to easily go into your account and search for your saved baskets and place an order in a few quick clicks. 

Place your order: Complete the ordering process on the QDOS website. HILUX® safety signs are manufactured in the UK, enabling fast delivery to meet your specific requirements. For stocked signs, we offer next-day delivery, ensuring prompt access to essential safety signage with no minimum order restrictions on value or quantities. 

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By opting for HILUX® safety signs from QDOS, you unlock several advantages that set them apart from other options:

Better, Brighter and Longer-Lasting: HILUX® signs are designed to stay brighter for a longer duration compared to AAA-rated signs. This ensures maximum visibility and durability, contributing to enhanced safety in your workplace. Furthermore, all of our signs exceed the requirements of PSPA class C ensuring you have a high-quality photoluminescent finish. 

Personalised Branding: When ordering a 100-pack of the same sign, you have the opportunity to add your company branding to the signs, reinforcing your corporate identity and promoting a consistent safety culture.

Easy Reordering and Quoting: Through the saved basket function on our website, you can save any basket you create for easy reordering later. You can even rename your baskets to make it even easier to retrieve them in the future. This will also remember the value of your basket to easily identify and quote for your orders. 

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Did You Know? Fire Alarm Zone Plans can come with HILUX® Photoluminescent Finish:

In addition to HILUX safety signs, QDOS also offers Fire Alarm zone plans with a HILUX® photoluminescent finish. This means you can extend the benefits of HILUX®’s high-quality photoluminescent finish to your Fire Alarm zone plans, enhancing visibility and safety in emergency situations.

Ordering HILUX® safety signs from QDOS is a seamless process that guarantees brighter, longer-lasting signage for your workplace. By understanding the unique product code system, considering optimal viewing distances, and taking advantage of the online shopping functions, you can easily obtain the signs you need. Enjoy the added benefits of personalised branding, quick delivery, and the opportunity to acquire Fire Alarm zone plans in a HILUX® photoluminescent finish. Make safety a priority and choose photoluminescent signs from QDOS to create a secure environment for your employees and visitors.

Bright Installers Choose HILUX®. 

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